About Us

Welcome, my dear curious soul! Here you can get to know the Team Behind The Treats and learn about the story and foundation on which Chihuahua Treats is built upon.

What does Chihuahua Treats value the most?


Since you are here, you are already a part of our Chi Tribe. The Chi Tribe is not just a community, it is family. Here, your opinions, wishes, and concerns are listened to and valued. Making your stay here as joyous and hassle-free as possible is my priority - to the best of my ability. So get some snacks, sit back, relax and enjoy all of that Chihuahua-ness with us.

Got a question? An idea? Use the Contact Form or email me at info@chihuahuatreats.com to let me know. Here you won’t get any bots or call centers - you’re talking directly to me. Should you experience any problem, let’s try and solve this together. 

The Planet And Its Inhabitants

It is obvious enough that Chihuahua Treats stands for Chihuahuas but it also stands for animal welfare and nature. This makes sustainability a big concern.

Each product is custom made, which means it is created just for you when you place an order. This way you get a brand new item, which has not been lying around collecting dust. It also saves space - no need to destroy the environment when creating warehouses - and reduces waste.

The direct-to-garment printing that is used for apparel and accessories is a newer, sustainable printing method. The printing machines use environmentally-friendly, water-based inks, and the printing process is mostly waterless and highly energy-efficient.

Chihuahua Treats also offers carbon neutral shipping on all orders by supporting cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air. Read my Climate Commitment to learn more. 

I also don’t accept returns because they cost a lot of resources (e.g. transportation, storage) and because the products are custom-made.

Moreover, my love does not end with Chihuahuas and the environment – I care deeply about all animals. This is why I donate 10% of every sale on this website and 100% of tips to local animal shelters to help animals that don't have a cozy home and someone who loves and cares about them with all their heart.

As you can see, Chihuahua Treats uses a holistic approach that is good for the planet, people, animals, the conscience, and mindful living. And yes, I do realize it is still far from being perfect, but I work with what I have and do my best to improve when I can. So stay tuned for more eco-friendly, vegan, and even biodegradable products and charity projects!

Integrity & Transparency

My goal here at Chihuahua Treats is to create products that bring you joy. This is why you are hereby officially invited to become a vital part of the product creation process. Your feedback and ideas are very important to me so I can create items that you actually love. Decide what the next design will look like. Choose the product you need in your life next. Add your personal touch to it. You are very welcome to send me your feedback and ideas using the Contact Form or via info@chihuahuatreats.com. On my social media channels, you can see what I am working on, you can engage with it and interact with me to tweak the next product launch to be your favorite. So come on over and let’s have some fun creating beautiful things together!

How Chihuahua Treats Came To Be

Growing up it has always been and still is painful for me to watch what is happening to animals and the environment around the world. The helplessness has been unbearable, and I have always wanted to do something about it. Even though I have been donating and helping out in animal shelters throughout my life, it has never felt like it was enough - with limited financial resources, influence, and time. I have realized that I can’t do it alone. I need your help! The purpose of Chihuahua Treats is to help nature and its inhabitants, create products that spark joy and happiness in you, and help shape a better future.

Looking for a way to achieve this, I noticed how frustrated I was for not being able to find high-quality Chihuahua-inspired products easily. Since being the parent of two wonderful Chihuahuas, Kira & Ben, it is no surprise that I developed a passion for everything Chihuahua. Combining these two passions of mine was the natural thing for me to do. Drawing my inspiration from my two little fluffs of joy, Chihuahua Treats was officially launched in 2021 - finally, as I've been working on it since 2019.

Someday, I hope to be able to do Chihuahua Treats full-time and be able to fund a sanctuary for unwanted animals with its profits. So I can be the change I seek. Will you help me realize that change?

Who We Are


Chihuahua Treats About UsI love animals and nature and am obsessed with Chihuahuas. My Chis Kira and Ben are family - without a doubt. I live and breathe Chihuahua Treats while maintaining a full-time job and the usual life of a Chihuahua mom. I also love hearing from you and your pets; yes, even if they are not Chihuahuas. 😄




Ben (l), my long-haired deer-head Chihuahua, is my Chief Operating Officer! 🐶Only top-notch, high-quality products are allowed in the shop under his surveillance. Anything else is just not worthy of association with a Chihuahua, he states. 🧐⁠ And he is very pleased to meet you! ❤️⁠


Kira (r), my short-haired deer-head Chihuahua, is also a co-founder of Chihuahua Treats. Sadly, she crossed the rainbow bridge soon after the official launch of Chihuahua Treats. But she will always be in our hearts and a valuable member of the team. Chihuahua Treats is a part of her legacy. ❤️⁠

Chihuahua Treats Logo

You can see Ben’s and Kira’s influence in the Chihuahua Treats logo as well. The white stands for Kira and the brown for Ben. The black color is mine. 😊 

What Makes Chihuahua Treats Different From Other Stores

This is not just another online store. Chihuahua Treats is built upon a vision to make this world a better place for everyone. I’m just a regular person trying to contribute but together we can do a lot more! This is the reason why Chihuahua Treats is not focused on maximum profit no matter what but on values such as community, sustainability, integrity, and transparency. The profits enable me to focus on bringing you joy and helping the planet with all its inhabitants. One step at a time. Call me idealistic, and maybe this is not the most reasonable thing to do in this competitive business world. But this is who I am and what I and Chihuahua Treats stand for.

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